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2021: New product developments and industrial investment

Our Research, Development and Innovation team, together with the Market Research team, has developed a completely new product range to meet the current needs and trends of the decoration and furniture market.

2021: New corporate image

The last 50 years have been good to us at Top Form, demonstrated by the complete overhaul of our brand image and corporate identity. We have rejuvenated our image while retaining our essential identity to bring it in line with our current business and, in turn, draw attention to our new and revolutionary products.

2020: The Group’s 50th anniversary

And just like that, we have been manufacturing furniture components for 50 years. This anniversary came at an unusual time. However, it fills us with the energy and optimism to face future challenges through innovation, production capacity, and creativity. We have achieved a lot over the last 50 years. However, rather than sitting back, we will continue to harness our expertise to create solutions for a constantly changing and increasingly diversified market. It was a strange year, but nevertheless an important stepping stone in our company’s history due to the significant changes we faced.

2020: Eco-Feel launch

A new and ground-breaking product developed by the Top Form Group was launched to revolutionise the marketplace. In addition to being an eco-friendly material, it helps us enhance super matte and super glossy finishes on any surface (e.g., unicolour, wood designs, etc.). It creates eye-catching finishes and offers unbeatable value for money.

2019: Industrial improvements

We continued to make improvements to our production facilities, demonstrating our commitment to innovate and explore new avenues to adapt to a changing and ephemeral market.

2018: Golden Top: a limitless collection of surfaces

In response to customer demands, we identified the opportunity to offer a range of accessories for kitchens worktops made from the same materials with the same level of quality and versatility. As a result, we enable customers to enhance and customise their worktops based on their individual needs.

2018: Launch of the Handle Style range

Handle Style responded to the needs and preferences for surfaces with straight lines by incorporating integrated melamine handles. This range is available in 19-22 mm-thick door and panel models with matching or walnut edges.

2017: Top Form launches Diomo, its second kitchen unit brand

Due to the increased demand for flat-pack kitchens and to support professionals, the Group launched its second brand. We identified the opportunity of launching a new kitchen brand aimed at a different population segment in response to consumer demands.

2017: Premium Selection launch

In response to market trends, the Top Form Group launched a select range of 22-mm front panels featuring fingerprint-proof 100% PET materials and a J-shaped or 45º integrated profile for Gola profile systems. Top Form’s aims to completely revolutionise postforming by creating new profiles using new postforming technologies to produce single-piece solutions for integrated door systems.

2016: New assembly plant

With the aim of increasing production, a new, 10,000 m2 assembly plant was built in Toledo featuring state-of-the-art technology, which enabled us to multiply our manufacturing and storage capacity and produce more than 500 pieces of furniture a day.

2015: Product diversification

The company incorporated new lines of supplementary furniture into its portfolio, providing the most comprehensive and competitive range on the market.

2014: New product developments

Les matériaux synthétiques PET sont incorporés, pour obtenir des produits super mats et super brillants, en raison de la tendance aux matériaux recyclés et de la nécessité d’un plus grand respect de l’environnement.

2013: Top Form launched its first kitchen unit brand: Antalia

The Antalia brand was launched in Spain as a division specialising in furniture to compete with foreign brands.

2012: Quality Management System: ISO 9001

In this year, the Group obtained the ISO 9001 certification, a quality management system that integrates management in all areas and the improvement of processes, achieving the best products and services by carrying out tests and controls throughout the process.

2011: New distribution channels

Due to the proliferation and prominence of major retail outlets in the market, the Group diversified and expanded its business to target consumers through this channel by producing flat-pack products and kitchen furniture.

2010: Acrylic laminate production

In line with the philosophy of evolving our products and following market trends and demands, we incorporated acrylic laminate production into our processes. As a result, we made new finishes and designs available to our customers.

2009: Quality certificates

Top Form products are subject to strict quality controls, successfully complying with the quality standards required for all processes. Accordingly, our Group obtained the FIRA GOLD AWARD (the highest rating) for our laminate worktops. We also became a FIRA MEMBER, the most prestigious European quality certification institute in the furniture industry. As a member of PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), the Group strives to minimise the negative environmental impact of its business while maximising the benefits of using raw materials sourced from sustainably managed forests.

2005: New press line

With the aim of boosting production efficiency, a polyurethane glue press line is installed, which increases the quality of glossy finishes by improving the surface finish and adhesion.

2002: Improvement of products and production facilities

The Group builds a production line of PVC doors with membrane press machines, adding a new product with highly attractive aesthetic features to its product range, in addition to a second melamine press.

2001: Incorporation of new talent

With the arrival of the new millennium and century, Daniel García Hrdy joined the Board of Directors to continue the family business. This involved a change in business organisation and a new strategic approach.

1999: Production of cabinets and launch of DPL laminate

Due to a fire at the Valmojado factory, the production of finished doors was moved to Yuncos under the kitchen to kitchen concept. Two years later, the Álamo factory started to specialise in manufacturing cabinets, thereby completing the Top Form product range.

In the same year, the Group also started to use DPL laminate with a 4-mm radius and the Quadro System with a 2-mm radius in its production processes, in line with the aesthetic trend of the time of reducing curves in doors.

1995: Participation in trade shows

Participation in key trade shows, such as Contrumat and Maderalia in Spain, Interzum and Zow in Germany, Big Five in Dubai, and the Moscow International Furniture Show in Russia, provided the Group with worldwide visibility and helped it carve out a niche in the market of major furniture component manufacturers.

1994: Export

The sector’s growth and, as a result, the increased production helped Top Form expand to other countries. These countries included France, Israel, Greece, and Morocco.

We are currently present in over 40 countries.

1990: Expansion of facilities

In response to the increased demand for products, two new sites were purchased in El Álamo (Madrid) and Yuncos (Toledo), where the current manufacturing plants for cabinets and components were built. At this time, the Group started to manufacture finished doors to meet the specialisation in kitchens and the improved production system. As a result, Top Form consolidated its position as a company engaged in marketing products manufactured at its Yuncos, El Álamo, and Valmojado factories.

1985: Centralised distribution

The distribution network was consolidated due to an increase in business volume. In addition, the Group continued to pioneer the sector by creating a warehouse network in Puerto de Santamaría (Cádiz) and Humanes (Madrid).

The warehouse network currently comprises 11 distribution centres located strategically across Spain, in addition to two overseas warehouses in Chile and Peru.

1970: Our origins

The Top Form Group’s first company was incorporated in 1970 with the opening of a small, 1000-m2 postforming production facility located in Valmojado, dedicated to the moulding of decorative laminate products. Driven by the success of this revolutionary technology, the building underwent its first expansion, improving the production system and product quality. To meet the demands of a growing market, an additional 5,000 m2 were built in 1975 to incorporate PVA glue into the manufacturing process, a key element in the finishing of furniture components during that period.

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