Top Form

Composition of one the companies with the largest industrial presence in Europe

Diversification and specialisation to achieve optimal results

The Group was founded in a 1,000-m2 warehouse with a modest production facility in Valmojado. Shortly after, the Group expanded its facilities to 5,000 m2 to meet market demands. Several years later, due to the increase in demand, the Group purchased two new sites in El Álamo (Madrid) and Yuncos (Toledo) to manufacture cabinets and components, thereby commencing its product diversification process. The Group's production facilities currently span over 150,000 m2.

Specialising each factory with one or several product lines optimises resources. Therefore, each factory specialises in one or multiple product lines through smart systems that optimise manufacturing performance while observing and assessing quality standards.

Donde la acción tiene lugar

Nuestros centros neurálgicos en consonancia por la eficiencia y eficacia

Semi-finished products and doors plant

Located in Yuncos (Toledo), this production plant specialises in the manufacture of boards, postformed and integrated panels, worktops and countertops, which are the main products of the production chain. It also manufactures doors as a result of the new industrial investment.

Ctra. Yuncos a Cedillo del Condado Km: 2,800, 45210, Yuncos

Doors plant and large retail outlet logistics centre

This innovative factory located in Valmojado (Toledo) has the capacity to manufacture a high volume of doors per day, thereby covering the needs of all our customers.

N-V Km: 44,800, 45940, Valmojado – Toledo

Machining and cabinets plant

Machined components for furniture are manufactured in this plant located in El Álamo (Madrid). It has sufficient technological capacity and surface area to make it profitable and achieve the best results.

C/ Vereda de Manzanares S/N, 28607, El Álamo

Furniture assembly plant

This is the second factory in Yuncos and the latest facility to join the Top Form Group's production division. It is responsible for assembling furniture. It stands out for its process optimisation system, as well as its logistics and storage capacity.

Ctra. Yuncos a Cedillo del Condado Km: 1,200, 45210, Yuncos