General conditions

Order policy, modifications and order cancellations

  • Budgets accepted before 3:00 p.m. will go to manufacturing on the same day. If there is any problem with the order, the Customer Service Department will contact you as soon as possible to resolve it.
  • Top Form Group will send a confirmation e-mail for every order for the customer to review it. If after 24 hours no corrections have been received, the order will be confirmed. All the client who wants to receive this order confirmation, should send a request to, telling us the email address where he wants to receive it.

Complaints policy

  • No complaints regarding discrepancies in quantities or defects due to poor handling will be accepted unless written proof of it exists in the delivery note receivednfrom the shipper.
  • All complaints shall be sent by e-mail or fax (preferably by e-mail to before 7 calendar days, indicating the order number, the delivery note or invoice, and the date of delivery and pictures of the damaged items so that it can be properly processed.

Shipping Policy

  • The delivery time of the order depends on the items chosen, due to their manufacturing process and whether this is an item in stock or manufactured on purpose.
  • The delivery method will be the one previously agreed between the client and Top Form Group. Top Form reserves the right to modify the delivery method, always with prior notice to customers.
  • If the desired delivery address has not been previously used and is not registered in the professional area, it must be requested through this medium, in the section prepared for this purpose.
  • The cost of transport is included in the final price of the items. If there was a special form of delivery, it would be valued in an extraordinary way.

Orders return policy

  • No returns of material will we accepted without the Top Form’s previous authorization.
  • If our material is collected for reasons beyond Top Form Group, a 10% penalty will be applied for management and trasportation expenses.


  • This warranty covers purchasers of any product supplied by Top Form Group against any possible claim for not visible defects during handling and which would appear after the use of the item or over time for a maximum period of two years after the purchase.
  • The purchaser shall send its claim, along with all the necessary information, to Top Form Group, which, if it deems the affected part to be defective, and within the limits of the warranty, will replace the said item, always in the same original purchasing conditions. In these cases, Top Form Group will provide the distributor with the following, free of charge:A: New materials that are identical to the original ones.
    B: If this were not possible due to extraordinary circumstances (1), Top Form will offer an alternative solution.
    C: Under no circumstances will Top Form Group be responsible for expenses incurred during the assembly, disassembly, or handling of any product that they Top Form Group did not installed.

Warranty limitations

  • The products must have been purchased directly from Top Form Group.
  • The products must not have been altered since leaving the factory.
  • The claim must not be due to reasons beyond the control of Top Form Group (2).
  • Normal changes that the lacquer or solid wood may suffer over time, as well as discolouration, are not covered by this warranty.

(1) Discontinued materials, Top Form Group impossibility of being supplied etc.

(2) Water leaks, excessively high temperatures, abnormal moisture conditions, faulty assembly, banging, unforeseen abuse, improper cleaning products, changes in tone caused by sunlight, wearing off of protective film (6 months), etc.

Pament conditions

  • For all unpaid orders, all the bank expenses will be added to the total amount, and no order will be delivered if the payment has not been made or the invoice is past due.
  • Past due or extended invoices will be penalised with an annual charge of 8% for interest on the delayed payment.
  • The maximum payment period is set forth by Law 16/2009 on the payment for services under the Spanish Law.