Different finishes for different requirements

The Top Form Group is committed with the production of finished products.

DPL Fronts: The DPL fronts are obtained by covering a board with a decorative DPL (Direct Pressure Laminate) composed of one or more decorative papers pressed together at a high pressure and temperature.Matt finish. Particle board.

HPL Laminated Fronts: Different layers of Kraft paper with a phenolic treatment together with an upper layer  decorative with different designs, form the HPL (High Pressure Laminate) stratification that covers the board for these fronts, whose key characteristic is high resistance to dents and scratches. Particle board. High gloss, graphics and three-dimensional finishes.

Acrylic Fronts: The Acrylic range provides a selection of high quality colours and designs with maximum gloss acrylic laminates where images are reflected as if it were a mirror. MDF board. High gloss finished.

PET Fronts: New recyclable materials and the need for greater respect for the environment make this type of fronts essential. The PET fronts are manufactured with fully recyclable materials that guarantee the protection of the biosphere. It is the best example of the current trends, accentuates contrasts always as naturally as possible and using environmentally friendly materials.

A careful selection of high resistance PET laminates in colours with high gloss and high matt finishes make this range a safe and responsible choice. High gloss finish comes over MDF board. Super matt finish comes over particle board.

Lacquered Fronts: The lacquered fronts are manufactured on a 19 mm MDF base, coated with a acrylic polyurethane lacquer with ultraviolet protection that prevents the fading effect of the light. They have the possibility of a plain front with or without an incorporated handle, which is notable for its decorative versatility and ease of combination.

Natural Wood Fronts: Natural wood fronts with different shades of oak and cherry with different finishes (glazed, tinted, etc)