Top Form launches the 20mm thick worktops

Top Form launches the 20mm thick worktops


The Top Form’s HPL worktops have evolved thanks to the new technologies that the Group has implemented. 

Nowadays, the worktop market requires high resistance materials with several different finishes. For this reason, Top Form’s new 20mm worktops are available in course and smooth surfaces in both glossy and matt finishes with the highest quality and scratch resistance. One of the most notable collections is the Surtec range, a super opaque high-resistance finish in 6 different colours. 

The Top Form’s worktops are ergonomic, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and easy to be cleaned. Moreover, they can be ordered made-to-measure directly from our factory, allowing to our costumers to have a customized product to fit their needs. 

All the junction profiles are made according to the highest standards, perfectly integrating the different parts of the worktop. Their strength and long lasting resistance is not at odds with elegancy and design.