Vision, philosophy and values

The Group, since the beginning, has been adapting to the market needs remaining unchanged values and principles over the years.


To be leaders manufacturing and distributing furniture and its components


Provide our customers with quality products and services that bring value to the markets and segments in which we operate, through innovation, differentiation and business excellence


  • We are commited on family business values: flexibility, agility, involvement of the shareholders and professionalism of the teams.
  • Make innovation the main axis on which our activity, development and growth revolves.
  • Efficiency as a means to achieve maximum competitiveness.
  • We believe in people as the main asset and in teamwork as the only way to achieve our goals.
  • We understand the personal development and motivation of our employees as necessary and inherent elements in the achievement of excellence, where communication, training and business empathy are basic pillars.
  • We are committed to maintaining a relationship of closeness and trust with our clients that allows us to know deeply their needs.
  • We consider our suppliers as long-term partners, understanding their involvement in the development of products and services as key to achieving our objectives.