Distribution channels

Product diversification and specialization

The Top Form Group has a wide range of products which are classified in different sale channels in order to have specialized staff in each branch of product.  This specialization ensures the best service and assistance.  

The Top Form group has the following sale channels:

  • Large Scale Distribution: The large scale distribution market is growing more and more, for this reason, the Group is present in the main companies in Europe and South America, offering products with a high added value.
  • Traditional Retail Distribution: In order to provide the best products to the professionals in the field, this division studies and analyzes their needs in order to give them greater support and increase their market niche.
  • Industrial Manufacturers: We collaborate with the main furniture manufacturers at a national and international level creating synergies in this field that remains strategically important.
  • Contract: It includes the design and manufacture of furniture for projects. Our 40 years experience in the field makes us the best partner for your project all over the world.
  • E- Commerce: It allows us to participate in an interactive market and keep our customers informed through a continuous dialogue with them.