Quality and Environment

Quality control and Environment control

The company from its origins has firmly believed that the quality and competitiveness of a product is born of efficient controls, the application of new technologies and the commitment to continuous development throughout the manufacturing cycle, so we take care of every last detail the relative aspects Quality and respect for the environment.

Thanks to the effort and commitment in terms of quality and environment we have the following certifications:


We are members of this council that aims to promote sustainable forest management and for this, we guarantee that the raw material we use comes from managed forests in a sustainable way.

We are committed to conducting all our activities in a way that minimizes negative impacts to the maximum and enhances the positive ones, allocating both human and material resources to achieve our objectives.


We belong to the European institute of quality certification of the most prestigious furniture industry.


As a sign of our commitment, we have received the highest quality award in our laminated worktops.

This certificate corroborates that they surpass the highest European quality standards.

ISO 9001

Our goal is to provide the best products and services to our customers. The quality department is in charge of carrying out the necessary tests and controls throughout the production chain. As a result, we have obtained this certification.

Throughout the Top Form Group we develop our activity based on a quality management system that integrates all the departments and the improvement of the processes at the general level.