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Golden-Top is a worktop collection different from others. After having analysed the needs of our clients and the trends of our sector, we have decided to offer a complete range of products to complete our worktop offer. These complementary products are made of the same materials and finishes of the main worktop to integrate them. 

What is your favorite counter top?

The main advantage about the Golden Top is their complementarty product, adapt the purchase to our needs.

Back Splash

Protect your wall with a backsplash made with the same material.

* Thickness of 18 mm

Wall Upstand 80 mm

Wall upstand to avoid filtrations of the water.

* Thickness of 18 mm


Moisture-resistant joint sealant in the same colour.

Protective aluminium profile

Protective aluminiumprofile for wall upstand backsplash.

Advantajes from Golden Top

Our laminated worktops have obtained the top prize in quality, which certifies that they well and truly exceed the highest European quality standards.

  • Iconos-golden-retractiladoWRAPPED INDIVIDUALLY
    You can made unit orders because they are wrapped individually.
  • Iconos-golden-cantos-incluidosEDGES FOR ALL WORKTOPS INCLUDED
    We add edges for all worktops for additional cuts.
  • Iconos-golden-resistente-aguaMOISTURE RESISTANT
  • Iconos-golden-unificacion-espaciosPOSIBILITY TO UNIFY SPACES
    Uniform spaces that will reinforce the visual balance of the finish.
  • Iconos-golden-calidad-supraSUPRA QUALITY
    Moisture resistant joint, kraft paper in the backside and protective edge in the wall side.

Discover the variety of Golden Top colors

Golden Top catalogue

Download the catalogue and discover the information about the product.

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