Great potencial products

There are products manufactured with particle board or MDF support, with a decorative laminate covering and a protective treatment that guarantees the preservation against scratching or other possible damages.

The Top Form semifinished products are divided in three different categories:


Boards and Postformed bars: developed with a high technology process that offers a unique finish and a wide range of possibilities to the furniture industry. Available in both traditional and Revolutionary finishes offer warmth to the environment; The postformed bands in different radius and panels without postforming on different thicknesses can be used in kitchens, wall coverings or even other pieces of home and office furniture.

  • Boards
    Coating: MFC / DPL laminate / HPL laminate / ACRYLIC laminate / PET laminate
    Core: Particle board /MDFThickness: 18/19 MM
  • Postformed bars
    Coating: MFC / DPL laminate / HPL laminate / PET laminate
    Core: Particle board /MDF
    Thickness: 18/19 MM

Worktops and Bartops

Countertops and bartops: Mostly used in kitchens, but also able to adapt to other spaces. There are so many options in terms of finishes and shapes: different thicknesses; finishes with straight edges or postformed in different radius, some of them practically straight, etc. There are products that guarantee a maximum resistance due to its moisture resistant treatments and to its manufacturing process.

  • Worktops and Bartops
    Coating: HPL laminate
    Core: Particle board
    Thickness: 30/38/50 MM
    Types: Standard / Moisture Resistant


Top Form offers all the necessary accessories to give the perfect finish to its products.